11 comments on “NBA Eastern Conference Finals Prediction: Miami Heat v. Chicago Bulls

  1. Got to agree that this will go to seven games these are two extremely good teams, but I think Rose will pull through in game 7 and get the Bulls the win. They aren’t the 1 seed for nothing, and have already beat Miami several times in the regular season.

  2. You could be right, but I wouldn’t base it on regular season play though. The Celtics had a 3-1 regular season record against the Heat and we all saw what happened in the playoffs. I just think LeBron, Wade, n Bosh are too much to handle. And right now, LeBron has that look in his face where nothing is going to deny him of his first title.

  3. Personally, I think the Heat are the better team in this series. Lebron and Wade are really clicking and I think Bosh is due to breakout at some point. Bosh played well in round 1 and I think he can do a better job against Noah/Boozer rather than Garnett/Davis. The 3 point shooting from Bibby, Miller and Jones has got to improve for sure but I think that can happen (well maybe not with Miller). Joel Anthony has been providing a real spark for them and I’m just not convinced that Derrick Rose can continue being this one man show. I mean, his back has got to be hurting at this point.

    • Derrick Rose can do whatever he wants meaning if he wants to be a one-man show, then no one, LeBron included, is going to stop him from doing that. But I still think 3 superstars vs. 1 superstar is an obvious unfair match-up and one that will lead to a Heat series victory.

  4. jgome

    There’s no truth to the rumor that Whitlock was on crack when he made that statement that James and Wade are a better duo than MJ and Pippen !

    This series will be interesting on two standpoints as it pits the Bulls’ defense against the Heats undoubted offense and then you have two very good coaches in Brooks and Spoelstra . Something has got to give don’t you think ?

    So Ochocinco couldn’t sit on a bull for a full 8 seconds ? Considering his season with the Bungles last year n I think that Och’ shat just as much bull_hit as the bull he was riding at the time when he fell off !

    Why couldn’t he simply just either shove his head or his d_ck up the bull’s ass instead ?

    tophatal …………….

    • Thibodeau you mean! Scotty Brooks has single-handedly fucked up the series against the Grizzlies, though, speaking of him. That series would have been over if he had decided to do the right thing and force-feed K.D. the ball throughout the series and not watch Russell Westbrook commit 37 turnovers a game (even though Russ has been playing lights out for the most part). Now, Brooks & Co. stare a Game 7 in the face. At least it’s at home…

      • smurfed

        My bad !

        That Grizz Thunder series was effed up the moment they allowed Westbrook to start hurlin’ airballs as if he were hurlin’ condoms filled filled with water at a frat party . The fact …. he missed the rim so much must have something to do with the fact that he probably fires blanks in the bedroom as well . .

        tophatal ……

  5. I wouldn’t compare LeBron and Wade to MJ and Pippen yet, but LBJ and Wade make one hell of a one two punch. Both of them are unguardable one on one. Whenever these 2 are on the court, their versatility creates soo many match-up problems for other teams. That talent of these 2 and Bosh are simply too much to handle for teams facing them in a 7 game series. I’m curious to see how the Heat defend Rose. Will Wade be on Rose? I personally would double Rose in the closing minutes of the fourth and force his other teammates to make a play.

    As for Ocho, even though he sucked d*ck at bullriding, ill give him his props for trying out different sports. Most football players won’t even get inches close to soccer, let alone bullriding. I have a feeling we will still be hearing his name a lot, even when hes out of football.

    • jgome

      So would Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers be a one two punch ! But given the choice who’d you rather lay if it were a choice between those two and Halle Berry and Charlize Theron ? Don’t take too much time coming to a decision or that gives me the impression that you’re undecided ! LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

      Ocho rode that bull because it’s the best way possible now for him to have a long lasing erection . 1.5 seconds is an improvement for him me thinks ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal ………

  6. Should be a great series with the length of Luol Deng and Taj Gibson on Lebron James it will make it tough for him to score.

    Both series should be good. I’m curious how Dallas is going to guard Westbrook with the aging Jason Kidd.

  7. frost 28

    Carlisle had better have his team better to play a full 48 minutes for each game of this series . And the same with Brooks and the Thunder and can someone please remind Westbrook that air balls aren’t style points .

    tophatal …………….

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