7 comments on “Jgome’s 5 random sports thoughts

  1. 1) It was the only choice. It’s unfortunate because Ohio State has been a top 10 program consistently under Tressel. Michigan might actually have a chance of beating them.

    2) No change necessary. I do find it funny rules are always reactionary and never precautionary, but with that aside, they shouldn’t change a thing. It’s a bad break, but it doesn’t happen often enough. Posey should be pissed at the pitcher who blew the save and put the game into extra innings.

    3) Just another reason to hate the Mavs.

    4) Unfortunately it looks that way. They out-played and dominated Man U who’s easily one of the best teams in Europe.

    5) He choked like Guy.

  2. jgome

    Five things we know about sports . Messi is the best player on the god damn planet in soccer bar none !

    Jim Tressel for all of his alleged acts of contrition make a Catholic priest who’s a known pedophile seem almost endearing by comparison .

    Scottie Pippen like journalist Jason Whitlock needs to come of using salvia , crack or whatever sh_t he’s allegedly on. You don’t blow off a former teammate in the way he’s now said to be doin’ and then try to recant what you’ve said .

    NASCAR much like the IRL is about as interesting as watching Joan Rivers pleasure herself with a certain green vegetable .

    The Kansas City Royals proves that there’s a need for contraction in baseball .

    There’s no turning back for Stern this is the NBA Final he’s now left with ! He can kiss and lick Cuban’s rectum but it won’t change the fact that we know he dislikes the guy immensely .

    tophatal …………….

  3. jgome

    This should make you feel good and you thought Tressel had problems with the Buckeyes ?

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter is now circling the wagons after the latest fiasco about he and several high ranking executives of FIFA accepting bribes . I thought that s_hit was over with ? Click on link shown to view .

    Smarting English lead calls for Blatter to go

    tophatal …………..

    • Yeah, I heard about that. Such BS, if its true. I had a feeling something was up when Qatar won to host the cup…………

  4. jgome

    If the rumors are to be believed Blatter got an oil well two hundred camels and a harem of young virgins . It now makes what’s going on with UEFA and Michel Platini (UEFA Chairman) seem mild in comparison and all Platini wants to do is to level the playing field for the teams in UEFA mandated competition while the major big clubs in Europe simply want the opposite of that .

    tophatal …………….

  5. Jason Terry sure showed up today…….

    X-Factor is gonna be Haslem.

    His defense/aggressiveness on Dirk made a difference. His pick n roll defense was stellar as well. Not only that, he has the ability to finish in the paint. He is looking just like he did in the 06 Finals; hounding Dirk all night..

  6. jgome

    The Mavs’ offense was simply pitiful ! Other than Nowitzki , Stojakovic and Marion no one else on the team got into double figures in terms of scoring .

    If this series goes on based on last night’s display the Mavs will be swept in four ! Defensively the Mavericks simply had no answer for the Heat’s ‘Big Three ‘ .

    Shades of 2006 but quite possibly without the Mavs actually winning a game . The Mavs have defended well in the earlier rounds but last night they were simply nowhere to be seen.

    So Pryor will now become the possible subject of a school investigation as to the vehicle (2011 Nissan 350Z —[tricked out tinted windows – state of the art rims ] ) he’s now said to be driving ? How nice !

    tophatal ………….

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