9 comments on “Jgome’s Random Sports Thoughts: NBA Finals Edition

  1. Here’s a random thought for you Isiah Thomas says he has no interest in the vacant Knicks’ GM position . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The Mavs let the Heat off the hook and they could well end up paying the price for it .

    tophatal …………….

  2. Yeah, the defensive match-up they have for Wade right now isn’t working at all. Terry and Kidd have no answer for the dude. They might have to start sending help on Wade. Wade’s been pull some crazy layups that you see in 2k11!

    Dirk f*cked up on D and let Bosh hit the game winner, then misses a routine jumper for him. Bummer.

  3. I don’t think Dirk F’d up on D there. Dallas looked like they planned to double team Wade and then he was somewhat illegally screened by Haslem whom he was guarding. Just a good shot by Bosh who has been struggling shooting.

  4. I can care less if its an illegal screen or not, you have to find away around it to contest the shot. This is the finals. How bad do you want it? Turned out to be a great screen by Haslem. And yes, they tried to double Wade and Haslem made a great screen and James made the right pass. Regardless, Dirk still made an awful play on that turnover prior, and missed a routine jumper. He had a chance to win it and missed, plain and simple. I think Rick Carlisle needs to have a different approach for both Dirk and Terry. They need to be coming off of screens, to keep their defense moving, especially Terry. Dirk can shoot over anyone, but Terry can’t. He’s getting taken out of the equation by LeBron. They need to get him moving more. There’s no way he can create a shot one on one with James.

  5. Yeah and I think Marion and Barea could do more as well. Tough play cause if Dirk comes out, Bosh could dump it to Haslem for a layup since Chandler rotated to Lebron. You have to give credit to the Heat, their last two defensive stops were really good team defense.

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