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  1. You’re basing this on the fact that the owners and league hierarchy will show that they have intelligence ? Or the fact that this will simply be another way of them to make money ?

    Isn’t bad enough that an airhead like Selig had his head buried so far up his own a#s that he couldn’t acknowledge that there was rampant steroid abuse within the game ? How about the game actually dealing with the financial disparities first because realignment simply won’t solve a damn thing at all as the status quo will still remain the same .

    tophatal ………….

  2. I do agree with ya that the owners are half the problem in MLB. Look at the Pirates 18 straight losing seasons but they are still a profitable team! But they are in a division that they can’t possibly win, ever, without spending 2-3 times what they are now…

    I’m basing this on the fact that a realignment “should” be used to fix the competitiveness of the league. Take the Pirates, if they can spend an extra 10% and gain an extra 20% in profit, they will, anyone will! But since they have NO chance of winning, they create a team that can be profitable rather then trying to win a WS

    • The Pirates are only a profitable organization because of the mere fact they’re one of the biggest beneficiaries of the league’s asinine tax sharing revenue scheme . They will never have a chance of winning a World Series because their front office has made some rash decisions and Bob Nutting as the owner since he acquired the organization from the McClatchey’s simply has never shown the ambition to be competitive . Anyone who believes otherwise must have come off their meds ! Nutting would rather put that money in his pocket and that of joint partners rather than investing it in the team and that has been his mantra over the years .

  3. Selig knows that without a hard salary cap sooner of later one of two things will end up happening . Contraction or quite possibly a number of teams could end up declaring bankruptcy if they’re unable to find a potential buyer. List of teams over the past 30 months that have filed for bankruptcy protection prior to being acquired by a new owner ……….. Rangers , Cubs . Less we forget look at the mess of both the Dodgers and Mets . So you tell me that if realignment would actually assist those teams in light of their financial predicament ? What you’re talking about is simply using a Band Aid to cover a hemorrhaging gun shot wound to the abdominal area that’s still bleeding profusely . The league hierarchy and owners are a bunch of dumb as#holes ! Never mind the MLBPA (union) and their mind numbing stupidity even after Donald Fehr has departed .to go and hold a similar position with the NHL . Where no doubt his a@s will screw things up there as well !

    • It’s not really a bandaid, if all 30 clubs had a decent opportunity to win each year, the fans will support that team. Fans come out – money is made. This has also been one of the worst times for sporting events in recent memory, not everyone has the cash for seats, enter promotions and giveaways which drive profit margin down…

      Is there even a solution to all the problems though?

  4. If the fans are coming out and money is being made then explain to me how it is that the likes of the Rays , Astros , Pirates and Marlins struggle to eke out a minimum profit ? The Rays lost in excess of $25 million in 2010 , and they lost $43 million in 2009 . They simply cannot compete with the likes of the Yankees , Red Sox or Phillies for that matter . . Look at an organization like the Mariners owned by Nintendo USA and parent company Nintendo Japan . They can’t even be bothered to put out a really competitive team and that’s given the fact that as a corporation they’ve a treasure chest of countless millions .

    The Rangers now have six billionaires sitting on their board (front office- as partners) and they recently signed a 20 year $ 3 billion tv deal but somehow they couldn’t induce Cliff Lee to stay with them last season . So explain to me how these teams are said to be competitive and real money makers ?

    The real money makers within baseball are the Yankees and Red Sox because they’ve their own cable outlets in the YES Network and NESN where they in conjunction with other professional sports franchises in their local broadcast the rights of their games and the ad revenue gleaned they essentially pocket that . Small market teams aren’t necessarily that way inclined or do they have the resources in some cases to set up that sort of endeavor much less partner up with a local broadcast outlet .

    Consider the idiocy of the game also when A Rod signed that 10 yr $250 million deal with the Rangers and then bailed on them after three years how is it that for the next five years after that the Rangers were still ham strung with paying over 55 % of his salary while he was then on the Yankees’ roster ? Explain to me that as well ? And you feel that teams are actually making money in this game ? Only if they’ve an accountant who worked inside Enron or Arthur Andersen quite possibly .

    tophatal ………

    • @ the whole A-rod thing… I don’t know why the MLB allows someone to have that kind of contract.. I simply don’t understand that, too much liability is put on a team for such a long period of time, its just ASKING for trouble.

      @ Cliff lee – He simply wanted to go back to Philly. He even said that in his press conference.

      @ Mariners – 1.5 GB outta 1st in the West – sounds competitive to me.

      PS: Glad this article as stirred up a good conversation, wish we had more people’s input

      • Baseball simply allows that deal because they’re powerless against the MLBPA (union) and that the same time the combined IQ’s of the GM’s baseball are on par with the IQ of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined !

        I know he may well have wanted to return to Philly ! But you pay me …….. $20 mil a year and I can find happiness in a whorehouse much less playing baseball !

        And what happens when the bats on the team go silent on and then Pineda and Hernandez simply can’t strikeouts ? The AL West is a complete crapshoot each season . Bedard is simply another reason why you don’t overpay for crap talent !

        I can’t see the Mariners competing in the division come the end of the regular season much less gain a wildcard berth for that matter !

        Your boys smurfed and j gomez know of me and my site .

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  6. Good stuff. I like how your realigned it. I think it would also bring in a lot more money setting it up this way. Just taking the A’s and Giants series this weekend for example. The A’s actually sold out their ballpark two straight days in a row! They haven’t done that since they were in the ALCS in 2006! If they were smart they’d let the two team cities play eachoher more than once every couple years…

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