7 comments on “Red Sox Revival

    • This makes the whole season within the AL East really interesting . Three teams fighting for divisional supremacy with only liable to make it to the postseason . One as the divisional winner and the other as the wildcard entrant from the AL . Care to make a guess as to which two teams will make it ? I’m not so sure who’s liable to win the division much less be the wildcard winner !

      tophatal ………. .

      • I agree. The AL East, to me, is the toughest division in baseball throughout the ENTIRE season. All other divisions get close towards the end because 2 teams are close in the standings, AL East is a different story. Sox/Rays/Yanks

        My guesses are: Sox win AL East and Yanks (because of their stadium and the fact they are stacked with long ball hitters) take the Wildcard. Rays end up in 3rd, 2 GB of the Yanks

  1. The Yankees’ Achilles heel is the pitching (9th overall in MLB) and that rotation of theirs . It’s going to let them down . Once you get beyond Sabathia there isn’t much to it with the exception of Rivera.

    Chamberlain can’t remain healthy from one moment to the next and overall they’ve only two players with you’d deem to be decent records in terms of wins and ERA .

    Make of it what you will .

    tophatal ………. .

    • The Yankees weakness for the last 3-4 years has been their pitching and age. They are old, oldddddddd. They are stacked with long ball hitters (why else build the most homer-friendly ballpark??), that’s the only reason they stay competitive.

      • It’s been rumored that the cast of ” The Golden Girls” show far more athleticism than some members of that Yankees’ roster ? The team is way too reliant on the long ball and that if anything isn’t always the biggest of help in a baseball game . The little things as such also need to be worked on .

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