6 comments on “Deron Williams is headin' overseas

  1. I would not be surprised to see others follow in his direction. Personally, I think its kinda cool that he’s going to play over seas.

      • jgome

        Well having traveled to Turkey on several occasions I can’t attest to the hashish but I can tell you the night life ain’t all bad . The girls have some skills when it comes to gettin’ down ! Mind you while I was in the military and serving as part of a NATO force on the island of Cyprus we weren’t that far away from being within earshot of the country . At the time the Turks had invaded the northern part of Cyprus looking to divide the nation between native Cypriots and the Turks to the north who aligned themselves with their former country.

        Savor The Moment

        Ten Questions For The MLB Commissioner ………

        Let me know what you think ? Just click on the above link shown to view .


        Players seeking to play abroad well it’s not simply about the leverage but the mere fact that while there’s a work stoppage on they’re not covered by the (NBA) team’s insurance of the players . So if any player gets hurt during the offseason then they’re on their own . Now if they’re on the roster of a team (abroad) then that team covers them over the duration of their time with them . That’s be all and end all with regard to these player’s actions .

        Williams ain’t hurtin’ for money as he pulling down a tidy sum (13th highest paid player in the NBA last year with over $16.3 million [and he’s by far the highest paid player on the Nets’ team]) and has numerous endorsement deals .

        tophatal ………….

  2. I like the decision, it’s the players way of leveraging the situation and making sure the owners don’t hold all the cards. It’s unfortunate that the NFL players don’t really have this option, but I’m all for it. I would love to see what it would do for European basketball and the bidding war would be insane. It’d be like every player in the NBA was a free agent. D-Will might be on to something here.

  3. jgome

    Hold your horses but there could be an imminent sighting of Favre back in the NFL ? According to Cowboys personnel consultant Gil Brandt he believes that Favre will be back in the NFL this upcoming season . Screw that sh_t I’ve had enough of re-retirements and un-retiring to last me a life time ! Can’t he give Jen Sterger a call and she if she’s willing to put out ?

    Slow But Steady But Really Steady …….

    tophatal …………

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