3 comments on “Newcomers to Watch: SEC Edition

  1. The real question we ought to be asking concerning the SEC is which ones will actually escape not being sanctioned . I’m sure that Vegas is already laying odds as to which one it’ll be ! The Gators , Auburn and ‘bama to my mind are the teams to watch this upcoming season .

    I think that once again the BCS national champions will come from the conference !

    Just like Sheyla Hershey’s melons (38 KKK’s) everything that comes out of the SEC seems to be a hit big time .

    tophatal ……….

  2. Yeah, the SEC always holds the national champions. I really like LSU if Jefferson isn’t their quarterback. He is awful. I’m iffy on Brantley for Florida. I think Auburn will fall a little as well. It’s going to be difficult to replace the production of Cam Newton. I do like Bama tho. They also have Demetrius Hart coming in, but he will be behind Trent Richardson. I think they need to get back to pounding the run and they should be just fine. When Aaron Murray is a senior, I think the Bulldogs are going to have a very special season.

    • jgome

      Jordan Jefferson is not the guy to be qb’ing that LSU team ,/b> . He may well be deemed a good running quarterback but his basic fundamentals leave a lot to be desired !

      Hope Solo can juggle my balls anytime she wants ! Damn girl is hot ! And in light of how she played against Brazil I’d nail that at least twice a day during the weekdays and three times on a Sunday !

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