5 comments on “The end of a special tournament.

  1. US couldn’t capitalize on all those chances around the net ,therefore ended up paying for it. I wouldn’t say that USA completely choked or that Japan wanted it more, the ball simply didn’t fall our way and happened to go Japan’s favor the entire tournament. That’s how soccer is.

  2. jgome

    The only thing that pis_ed me off about the tournament was the asinine analysis provided by Brandi Chastain , Briana Scurry and Tony Di Cicco ! Their best days are behind them and if ESPN is going to have individuals with some insight then let them be actual persons who are not going to come out and show their preferred bias right from the start . In what world were the US the better of the two teams competing in the Finals much less the fact their play overall can best described as being so inconsistent ? Somehow the trio of analytical minds overlooked that Japan had beaten the two best teams in the two previous rounds (recent world rankings & record ) in the tournament on their way to the actual Finals itself .

    ESPN continues to align itself with Fox when it comes to showing its legitimacy as a broadcast outlet that’s said to have some kind of integrity . The fact that Fox has no fu_king integrity at all may well have something to do with it ! As we know the assholes at Fox are now trying to hide behind the fact their parent company NewsCorp is above reproach in light of their problems in the UK and now fomenting here stateside . Oh Rupert Murdoch what a sh_t-head you really are !

    tophatal ………

  3. What’s funny is ESPN is now saying did USA choke the game and Japan didn’t deserve it. They are right Japan didn’t deserve it….they earned it. I guess people just can’t face the fact the better team won. Japan made the big plays when they needed to which is why they hoisted the trophy. Yeah, beating Germany, Sweden, USA all in one tournament is def. saying something.

    • jgome

      That’s how asinine the analysis and commentary has been when it comes to ESPN’s coverage of soccer ! I mean look at who they looking to , to provide succinct analysis ? The damn has beens (Chastain, Di Cicco and Scurry) who show about as much impartiality as Fox News has been known to use when it comes to covering “liberal issues “ or the Democrats ! ESPN is a fuc_ing joke when it comes to covering sports they simply don’t understand !

      Let me know what you think of the following concerning the death of NFL great John Mackey ? Click on the link provided to view .

      It’s Never Too Late


      tophatal ……..

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