9 comments on “5 Bold Predictions for the 2011 NFL Season

  1. Gonna be really tough for Rice, but every season lately there has been a different season rushing champion since LT in 06 07 so anything is possible.

    • I LOVE the Ray Rice hype. With the addition of Vonta Leach and the subtraction of Willis McGahee, I think Rice is primed to absolutely unleash this season. Better hope I don’t get him in fantasy this year, boys!

    • Tampa is absolutely legit. I expect an 11-5 season from them this year…damn, the NFC South appears to be absolutely loaded sans Carolina. Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay? Wow.

      • Yeah, that could possibly be the toughest division now along with the NFC North. I think the Lions are capable of hitting the .500 mark, the first since 2000 I believe.

  2. I wanted to put that the Colts miss the playoffs for the first time in, god knows how long. They haven’t done anything to make their team any better, esp on the def side of the ball. Their offense got healthy with Collie and Clark back, and Manning is still recovering. Their O will be stellar thats for sure, but in this league you need defense to win games. There D didn’t do much last season and they don’t have a reliable RB imo. Addai has lost a step so Brown will need to step it up. I personally think the Texans and Jags both have gotten better so this division should be interesting. I just didn’t put it up on here because no man wants to bet against a healthy Peyton Manning.

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