9 comments on “Fantasy Rankings: Top 30 quarterbacks

  1. It makes for a great debate but I’d rather leave this one alone . It’s like trying to lay a bet on whether or not Lindsay Lohan will hit a bottle of Stoli to feel good or shop lift . You simply can’t be sure what’ll happen this upcoming season . What I can’t fathom is how some teams stood pat while others made some serious moves this offseason. Would you consider Kyle Orton to be the poor man’s Jay Cutler or vice versa ?

    tophatal ……………

  2. Good stuff right here cause this can be tough to gauge. I have to disagree with Kevin Kolb here from fantasy experience. Yeah he may have a weapon, but so did Matt Leinart and we all know what happened to him. He is going into a new team, which means new chemistry, new OC, and it didn’t look like he built much timing or chemistry in Philly. A few of the QBs behind him could be ahead of him because they have been with their teams, know the offensive scheme, and have team experience as well good weapons too.

    I like Matt Schaub, but with a team stacked with talent on defense and a good defensive coach Schaub might not be asked to throw all the time or play catch up because the defense shouldn’t be as miserable. In addition, Schaub has Foster (#1 ADP player on some charts) though I’m still optimistic cause Kubiak runs a West Coast style offense and still has great passing weapons.

    • Good stuff, Frosty. I figured 12 sounded okay for Kolb and he, as I said, has a chance to move up…of course, I suppose he could be worse than 12 as well. And this is a make-or-break, IMO, for Schaub as far as fantasy goes. He has a much improved defense and has tons of tools to play with. If he can’t put it all together this year, then I don’t think he will ever be a top-10 fantasy QB.

      JG, I think Cassel played a little out of his ass last year. I don’t think he duplicates what he did last year, even though on paper, it appears that he has more weapons this year.

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