10 comments on “USA Today's preseason CFB poll vs. HABS

    • Um…well they aren’t a top 25 team at this point, lol. They have talent, yes, but they’re pretty young and QB remains a huge, huge question mark. If you’re going to rely on a true FR running back as your savior (Malcolm Brown), then I don’t see how you’re a top 25 football team. Until he proves me wrong, I’m sticking by that claim.

  1. Yup, I agree tired of these UT bias outlets putting them in Top 25 because of the name ‘Texas.’

    • Ha…ironic that there are 3 teams from Texas that I put within the top 30, and none of those are UT. As I said, the talent is through the roof in Austin; however, they just don’t seem to know how to put it all together now that Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley are in the pros. I suppose losing leaders like that really can set back a program…what do you think?

  2. In addition, a whole new coaching staff as well. Implementing new terminology and schemes can have their learning curves. Last year they had coaching clicks supposedly and with new recruits coming into Austin and spending too much time at 6th street, you are not going to improve. I think there is a post from way back from some guy that said we should of included Garret Gilbert in top five new comers, I think we know what happened there. They have the talent at the RB position, but if a team can stop the run, a good QB is what makes teams go from good to great. And that is still a question mark in Austin or yet unproven.

    • LOL, I actually remember when that fan said that and we all thought the guy was nuts. We were proven to be right in that case (normally doesn’t happen, ay Frost? ;) ), but the point is that UT is still going to have trouble this year and like you stated, a new coaching staff is never an easy thing to just “pick up”; picking it up comes with time.

  3. Yeah, I agree. F UT and Wisconsin has a good shot of turning the tables in the Big 10. IMO, they have always had a good running game and defense, and that the QB position was usually holding them back.

  4. I’m thinking you gave FSU to harsh of a criticsm. I think Manuel is a beast and could throw for a ton of TDs. Plus they got a good running game and D led by Jacobbi McDaniel. Think they are way better than what you said. I’m feeling t he Wisconsin call though. Team looks really cold now that they got Wilson an ex-ACC guy.

  5. Ah the polls almost as popular as the voting that allegedly takes place on American Idol . Love the fact that Saban is up to his old tricks as per usual . He says he’ll put out as much misinformation simply to pi_s off the reporters .

    Notre Dame is ranked #21 ? Now that’s why I find these polls a complete joke ! Brian Kelly has his work cut for him with the team and their schedule this season .

    NBC still paying out millions to cover their crap (athletics’ program) ! It says a great deal about the tv outlet as well as the Notre Dame as well . Both bodies are simply irrelevant in the big picture of things !

    Tattoo parlor owner Ed Rife’s establishment is prepared to give out free tattoos to female co-eds attending the Buckeyes’ games if they’re prepared to flash their tits on screen during the home schedule . It ought to make up for some of the crap we’ll undoubtedly see from them over the course of the season .

    tophatal …………..

    • Um, Notre Dame’s schedule for 2011 isn’t bad at all. There is no one outside of Stanford they can’t beat. Michigan? USF? USC? Michigan St.? Sure, there are some good teams in there, but 3 of those games are in South Bend. A complete joke? Come on top, you’re better than that, bro…

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