3 comments on “Fantasy Rankings: Top 50 WRs

  1. Good job on the list. Def agree with most but will have to disagree on a few. Reggie Wayne is getting old and Peyton has other red zone threats. I would put him closer to Ocho-Cinco. Fitzgerald is top five but def not Top 2. There is too much “unknown” with Kolb. (Rather have Megatron and Roddy.)

    Arguable whether Roy Williams should be on this list. (he’s way too high) Could be wrong though.

    Besides that looks real good. I’ll def check out your RB/QB list when you do them

    • Jay, QB & RBs are already out, so give them a glance. Also, Ocho Cinco at 10 would be wild. He’s been down the last couple of years, but now that he’s got Brady throwing him the rock, I suppose anything is possible. And I’m fine with Fitz at 2. I think Kolb is going to be a very good fantasy quarterback meaning Larry’s going to see plenty of thrown balls his way. That should translate into a great season from a fantasy perspective. Gotta love that boy Greg Jennings at 4, though! ;)

      • Appreciate the feedback Jay! Wallace, Jackson, and Austin all could end up being better than Wayne, but he’s been too consistent that I had to keep him up there. He’s just been so consistent over the years. I actually think Austin will surprise people now that Romo is back. I guess it also depends on if the league scores return yards or return TDs. If so, Jackson gets a nice bump up.

        Fitzgerald is a complete wild card and 2 might be too high, but I wanted to mix it up and take a chance. I figure if he can get 1100 yards and 6 TDs with Derek Anderception, Max Hall, and John Skelton throwing him the ball that he should do better with Kolb (who I think will put up big yards but turn over the ball waaaay too much).

        As for Roy, I covered my eyes when I typed him in at 29. He’s returning to Mike Martz’s offense which is when he had his 2 best years. He’ll also be the #1 WR in Chicago. He’ll either put up good numbers or I’ll look like a complete idiot for having him on the list at all.

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