7 comments on “Fantasy Rankings: Top 25 TEs

  1. Finley is good but at #1 coming off knee surgery hmm? I’d still say Gates or Clark at #1. I want to see what Graham can do now that Shockey is gone.

    • Finley’s potentially great, not just good, thus the reason I see B-Rad giving him the #1 nod. Also, Graham is going to be a monster this year, IMO.

      • Yeah I like Finley but the key word is ‘potentially’ and if that’s the case I think you stick with consistency and have Gates at #1 who had 10 tds last year and only played in 10 games. I would still have Finley in top 3 though; his off-season preparation sounds like it has been going great.

  2. I agree with Frost and anonymous. Finley will be 100% healed. He was 100% by playoffs last year.I love him. But I can’t pick him over Gates. Gates was on place to be the number 1 wr or TE last year. Even while injured. Supposedly he has looked stiff and sluggish during camp though. If healthy, you really can’t go wrong with any of the top 3.

    Vicente Shencoe should be a top 20 te. They loss there #1 wr. (they have to throw to someone) And McNabb loves his TE. The opportunities will be there to be a top 10 TE. But it’s still Vicente Shencoe.

    • I can. Finley goes #1…followed by Clark/Gates/Witten/Davis, not necessarily in that order…then Jimmy Graham!

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