9 comments on “Has Beens’ Big 12 Conference Outlook

  1. I don’t think Eric Stephen will be playing special teams this year. Watch to see if OSU or A&M can win the conference with OU playing at FSU week 3 without Travis Lewis or Austin Box it could be an interesting game.

  2. Well not like FSU game has any effect on conference champion, unfortunately for the aggies, the road to the big 12 title hinges upon a win over #1 OU at Norman……good luck boys youre gonna need it. It really is a crap shoot from 2-6 any order there wouldn’t shock me

  3. One thing I hate about Norman home field advantage is that OU never plays UT, one of the better teams in the conference, at home. They play them in Dallas every year so then OU fans can still brag about their home field record yet they never play UT at home.

  4. jgome

    I’m too busy watching the Canes’ program crumble in light of these latest allegations being leveled against the school ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Let me know what you think ?

    Merely click on the links shown to view .




    Who’s the biggest bust in baseball this season when measured against what they’re said to be earning ? Chime on in with a comment .

    tophatal ………

  5. I guess that explains why Miami was a stepping stone for many NFL players. As for the Big 12, I think the fact that the Aggies have to play in Norman really hurts their chances of a conference title. But the top 3-4 teams can ultimately finish in any order. The conference, IMO, is pretty wide open. OU jus carries the most talented recruits/players.

    • jgome

      Stepping stone ? No ! Players simply attend the “U ” to get paid . That place is Drew Rosenhaus’ bread and butter . Now in the local area here a high school football coach has been implicated in the mess . He has apparently been taking a number of his players to events that were organized by the now incarcerated felon Nev Shapiro . Never mind the fact that players such as Robert Marve and Vince Wilfork are now being asked to repay monies received as gifts from Shapiro as the investment company he co founded that’s now in bankruptcy proceedings seeks to secure the return monies (by all estimates $800 million) that the clients were defrauded of .

      This episode is far from over as Shapiro is only naming names in order to get time shaved off his original sentence ( I believe it to be something like 20 years) . Bernie Madoff ……… got life but then again he did defraud his clients out of $59 billion ($59,000,000,000).

      Thanks for chiming in on those most recent pieces !

      tophatal ………

    • jgome

      Someone could be stepping on the Canes’ program but it could either be the Feds or the NCAA . Care to take a guess as to which one of the duo could very well deal out the harshest punishment ? Bearing in mind what we’ve seen from the NCAA think carefully before you come to a decision . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      So Goodell is proving to be the “damn hypocrite” I always believed him to be ! He suggested that Terrelle Pryor would be ineligible for the upcoming supplemental draft while the NFL investigated the situation further . Now all Pryor will be getting is a mere slap on the wrist with a five game suspension correlating with the regular season . Did I miss something here but this kid has gotten off twice in terms of any form of real punishment ?

      What’s he got to pull to really be treated and punished with impunity ? Perhaps pull a Rae Carruth ?

      tophatal …………….

  6. Yeah, what a joke. Funny how they said Pryor is suspended for “under-minding the draft” then why the hell is he eligible. They should have told him to wait till next April like they did for players like Mike Williams and Maurice Clarett. Regardless, I don’t expect much from Pryor in the NFL. I didn’t think he was a good qb in college, he just made plays with his feet and had a great defense. When it comes to pocket-passing, he’s no better than VY. Maybe TE or WR.

    • Under-minding the draft ? Well let’s see ………… you’ve had the likes of Roethlisberger sexually assault a couple of females …. denies any wrongdoing and all he got was a mere slap on the wrist . Donte’ Stallworth in a drunken and drug induced haze kills a pedestrian while driving his $350,000 Jaguar in Miami . He serves only 24 days in jail pays off the victim’s family an undisclosed sum and all he’s asked to do is to enter to the NFL’s substance abuse program and serve a multiple games’ suspension. Should I be surprised by the idiocy of the actions of Goodell at this juncture ? I guess not !

      You’re right the punishment doesn’t at all fit the crime when one considers what took place at Ohio St during the tenure of Jim Tressel . Drew Rosenhaus as Pryor’s agent will push for him (Pryor) as a qb in the league because there’s more money to be made by him (Rosenhaus) in terms of commission and it’s no doubt what the player wants . As a last resort he may well choose to switch and play at TE or WR , though .

      tophatal …………..

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