7 comments on “Has Beens’ Big Ten Outlook

  1. It’s hard to really assess the teams within the conference but I for can’t go against your choices . Much of the season will be predicated on the play of the big time players on the respective teams as to the success sought .

    I also like the look of the overall schedule for this season as there are some really interesting match-ups !

    tophatal …………….

  2. Iowa 3rd. NW 4, Mich 5. That’s better. Still not bad analysis on rankings. What you think about MSU’s chances of winning the Big 10? They are stacked.

  3. Sparty def has a legitimate shot. I think they have the most dangerous offense in the conference, but the only reason why I have Nebraska and Wisconsin over them is cuz I’m a firm believer that defense wins titles, and there’s are better (for now). The last time I remember seeing the MSU defense, they were gettin’ blown up by Bama. The conference will come down to MSU, Neb. and Wisc. I can see any one of them winning it.

  4. MSU’s offense better then Sconsin? No way. With Russ Wilson at QB this team is going to be unwordly. Just watch. MSU’s good but I think Wisky is goint to be even better.

  5. Well yeah, with Wilson I have them winning the conference and they are my dark horse for a title run. Jus sayin’ I wouldn’t be surprised to see if MSU or Neb won either.

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