9 comments on “Bold Predictions for the 2011 NFL Season *Updated*

  1. Norv Turner’s window of opportunity can be best described like Paris Hilton’s notoriety in the world of reality tv ! It’s done ! Claussen will be throwing something but I’m not so sure it’ll be TD’s !

    Chad Henne will have a breakout but it’s more inclined to from an STD ! The Dolphins aren’t that good even with Bush in tow .

    If Stafford can stay healthy then the Lions could be a dark horse in the NFC but that’s a very big ” if” !

    If you’re interested ?





    tophatal ……………

  2. jgome

    I know it’s all about the money ! But what the hell is now going down concerning Texas A& M ( Aggies ) ? Man oh man , this has all the makings of a long drawn legal battle quite possibly in the court system . Especially with that buffoon Kenneth Starr ( Baylor university president) bitchin’ and whinin’ like someone shoved a hot poker up his a#s ! If Baylor were given the same incentive I’m sure that they’d bolt to the SEC in the blink of an eye !

    Link from the Houston Chronicle …….. “Legal wrangling delays A&M’s move to the SEC ”

    What’s the saying ? ” Money talks ………..bull_hit walks “!

    tophatal ………..

  3. Yeah, Baylor is bein bitches cuz they know if the Big 12 dissolves they will be screwed. I’m jus hoping Tech doesn’t get screwed in all of this. I would love to go to the Pac 12, but I wouldn’t object to the Big East either just because we would have a legitimate BCS shot there. ACC would be nice but thats prob unlikely. As for UT, they need to quit bitching about money and the longhorn network too. I think the conference is just about finished already.

    • jgome

      You simply knew the wheels were going to fall of this whole facade the moment Texas negotiated that multi billion dollar tv deal with ESPN for the co partnership & ownership for the Longhorns Network . The NCAA is powerless to stop it all but at the same time you simply know this isn’t going to stop much of bull_hit that has been going on .

      The collegiate conference landscape not only for football will begin to change but also for basketball as well ! And once that happens there’s no “turning back” !

      tophatal …..

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