6 comments on “NFC Divisional Round Predictions: New Orleans Saints (13-3) at San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

  1. Does anyone really think the Niners can shut down the Saints O? I think they can cause the Saints to struggle early, but I think Brees and Payton will figure them out in the 2nd half. The only way I can see the Niners upsetting the Saints is if they get up early. I just cant see Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Crabtree and Gore putting up any more than 20 pts in this game. Any thoughts?

      • If there is a team built to stop the Saints O, the Niners are the ones to do it. I’m just not sure if they can reach Brees in time. There double flex package is really tough to stop, let alone get pressure on Breezy. His O-line has been stout, not to mention Brees ability to get the ball out on a timely matter. Should be interesting…..I’ll check your site once I get from home work…Too many naked girls on there, dont wanna get in trouble haha. Also, what about Mark Sanchez and the Jets. You think he will get ran out this off season???

  2. jome

    The Niners’ defense has been tenacious all season and that’s even spite of their three regular season losses. But the Saints , if they take advantage of any turnovers that come their way then Alex Smith and teammates will be made to pay for those lapses .

    In the midst of doing a piece on Barry Larkin being inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame . There seems to be many who are of the opinion that he isn’t worthy . Your thoughts ?

    I’ll say this ’bout the Jets they’re AFC’s answer to the Cowboys ……….”all talk and no action in recent years ” ! Every time Rex Ryan opens his mouth I can’t wait to hear what he’ll say next or see whether or not he spits out a turd ! Sanchez has regressed as a player this season . Not only that but when LaDainian Tomlinson say there’s great deal of unrest in the locker room and the players are bickering amongst themselves you know there’s definitely something wrong . Not only that but LT is now said to be contemplating retirement .

    tophatal …….

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