2 comments on “AFC Divisional Round Predictions: Denver Broncos (8-8) at New England Patriots (13-3)

  1. jgome

    If the game between the two is close in its dying moments then there’ll be hell to pay should the Pats’ come out on the losing end .

    Here’s my take on the fomenting mess concerning the Jets !

    It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy But It Certainly Helps To Have A Sense of Humor …….. Unless You Happen To Be The New York Jets ……

    And thing could change concerning the events of the Broncos Pats’ game being as Josh McDaniels is now back on the Patriots’ coaching staff as the team’s offensive coordinator . Bill O’Brien left to take the head coaching position at Penn State . .

    My thoughts on the showdown at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ , Mass .

    He’ll Be Damned If He Does And Damned If He Doesn’t …. !

    tophatal ……

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