6 comments on “The Rise of Eli

  1. Hear this on the radio this morning…..If Tony Romo were to be a NY Giant instead of Eli….do you think Romo would have lead the Giants to a win in Green Bay?

    As much as I love Romo…I don’t think he would have. I hate to admit this, but Eli is the better QB than Romo right now.

  2. Romo ain’t that great ! And with Eli what you see is what you get from one moment to the next . Rarely can the guy string together four or five solid performances never mind the fact that were it not for the defense the team would not have made the postseason .

    Provided you with links via e-mail to my latest pieces .

    I hear that the Colts’ owner Jim Irsay has subscribed to both Angie’s List and Merry Maids to assist him in cleaning house ? Your thoughts on the matter ?

    tophatal …………

    • I dunno man, Eli has been pretty solid all season. His defense didn’t start getting going till the last 3 weeks of the season. Eli was pretty much carrying the team for most of the season with the lack of a running game they had at the time.

      The Colts made the right moves by cleaning house. Even in previous years, without peyton, they prob only woulda had 4-5 wins max. The D has always been crappy and their running game has also been sub-par for most of the decade. Peyton’s talent has always been able to cover up all the weakness the Colts had and now that he’s injured, they are all being exploited.

      The D needs major work for sure tho.

      • Everyone’s jumping unto the Eli bandwagon because of the 4th qtr performances but bear in mind over the course of the season this guy has thrown his fair share of (29 TD’s, 16INT’s) INT’s [ mediocre ratio] that have almost cost the team dearly but somehow this is all overlooked by the fans and on air analysts in general .

        Like I said it’s been the Giants’ defense but fans are “so wired into the ” awe “ of the quarterback ” that they tend to overlook all else ! And with the rather inane analysis provided on air and the “brown nosing “ by those pundits what else should we expect ?

        tophatal ……

  3. Manning’s 2011 splits .

    My I-pad is giving me hell at the moment ! .

    I see that Deion Sanders’ soon to be ex (Pilar) want to take his a@@ to the cleaners ? She wants half …………. his philandering has finally caught up with him once again . Nice ! Now she can go after half of that est. fortune of $75 million that he’s said to have .

    tophatal ………….

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