3 comments on “Has Been of the Month: Terence Newman

  1. jgomez

    Newman’s Mama wants …. you to stop chastising her son ….LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    There was a time as you say when Newman could be deemed amongst the best players at the position and as you have rightfully said that no longer seems to be the case . Looking at the situation now it’s really hard to say who is the best CB in the league > at present . ” Revis Island ” just wasn’t at the top of his game in reality this season in spite of the continued hype that surrounds him .

    I see the Bucs offered the Oregon (Ducks’) head coach Chip Kelly $6 million a year for five years to become their next head coach and he turned them down ? I don’t blame him at all for refusing the offer ! I’d rather be coaching a girls’ varsity team in soccer than have anything to do with the Buccaneers if I were in his place ! Simply put , that’s the way I roll !

    tophatal ……….. ;)

    • lol. yeah revis is currently the best in the game at his position right now, but i also really like joe haden, drayton florence and brandon flowers. they would get more exposure if they werent on such shitty teams.

      As for Kelly turning down that offer, I was really surprised. Rumors are that there could be recruiting infractions on the way so I assumed he would have pulled a Pete Carroll.

      Btw, you ready to see Peyton in Miami next season. Lookin’ like it. Just don’t see how you can bring a guy back with that much risk and 28mil or whatever. They just cleaned house so might as well start with Luck.

  2. jgome

    When Revis’ body of work can match the likes of either Charles Woodson or Rod Woodson s at the CB position then I might take a keen interest on the subject matter ! . Way too much hype of Revis and the likes of Asomugha .

    tophatal …..

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