5 comments on “5 Questions: Aftermath of Super Bowl XLVI

  1. 1) You crazy. Eli is 100% a HOF if he retired today. You watch football? The dude pulled of 2 of the best final drives in Super Bowl history. The guy just knows how to come back on the big stage. How is that not HOF worthy?

    2) Fck Yes! Pats haven’t won anything since their cheating days. It’s proof that they are the Cheatriots!

    3) Brady the whole way. The dude is so overrated. Even when he won Super Bowls, he had mediocre games and was bailed out by having a good team. Now that he is the centerpiece he hasn’t won squat.

    4) Eli 2 Super Bowls >>>>>> Peyton 1 SB

    5) Tom Horrific is done. You saw his rejected faced after the game. This is going to haunt him forever. He understands how hard it is to get to this game and was his last chance to win 4. F U Tom. Move over for the new EliTE QB.

  2. jgome

    Manning’s career stats mightn’t be that impressive but his postseason forays now place him for the enshrinement Canton . Speaking of which , two Superbowl appearances , with two Superbowl MVP’s as his swag boosts his credentials somewhat don’t you think ? For me the hype about the Hall of Fame has now lost all credibility in the aftermath of Parcells and Chris Carter not being voted in . Are the NFL ” writers “/i> as adjudicators … anally retentive or what ?

    tophatal ………………

    • Yeah, the fact that Parcells wasn’t a shoe in is def. a head scratcher. But I don’t think Eli is a HOFer right now. Maybe down the line but right now, not yet. Yeah, hes had 2 really great playoff runs but besides that, he just has had average seasons. This is probably the first time in the regular season to where he was putting up elite QB stats. The guy has thrown 15 plus interceptions in 5 different seasons.

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