Who are these guys?

-> Josh (jgome) is a Texas Tech graduate (class of ’09) with a degree in Public Relations and Business. He is adamantly passionate about the game of soccer, and is a huge Manchester United fan, but is no push-over when it comes to talking basketball or football. An avid Spurs and Dallas Cowboys fan, his greatest sports moment still involves his college days when Michael Crabtree beat the University of Texas in 2008 with what he now calls “The Catch” (and no, we ain’t talking about Montana to Clark). He would like to become a sports columnist/reporter in the near future.  He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. (Follow on Twitter -> jgome21)

-> Brad (lork) is a Texas Tech graduate (class of ’09) with a degree in Marketing. If you want to talk football, most notably anything involving the NFL draft, this is the guy to talk to because the kid is money. How many guys were drafted in ’06 out of LSU? He can tell you without even batting an eye. What receivers were taken in the first 3 rounds from last year’s draft? Easy. He knows almost instantaneously. The only knock on Brad is that he’s a Houston Texans fan (oops!). He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. (Follow on Twitter -> Lorkovicious).

->Nathan (Frost) is a Texas Tech graduate (class of ’09) with a degree in Marketing and Exercise Sports Science.  He is a sports fanatic, a fantasy football professor (Champion 2011), and one who will bring about a laugh.  In addition, he is very passionate about college football and follows the recruiting aspect very closely.  He is working on becoming a high school football coach.  Be great not good.  He currently resides in New Braunfels, Texas.

-> Andy (Nguyenning) met these guys at Tech in ’05 and later transferred to Texas A&M to pursue a degree in Marketing. Huge Houston fan, and knows the only team worth rooting for are the Texans… but still loves the Rockets and Astros for trying. Greatest sports moment was a hat trick in his first ever in-door soccer game (thanks for the assists, Josh), after which he decided to retire on top. Stayed connected over the years with these Red Raiders through sports, most notably fantasy sports.