10 comments on “Pressure is On

  1. Some of the easiest? Did you not see Luis Suarez do up basically the whole back line to get kuyt his first goal? Thats not easy and not anyone can do that. Congrats though on not complaining about Carraghers takle. Wish you would have put up a picture of Nani crying like a little girl though. LOL he got up ran to the reff showed him the cut, then fell when Steven Gerrard touched him and had to get carried off LOL what a joke. That is one thing I hate about soccer, players faking injuries then getting up 2 seconds later and getting right back on the pitch. They need to figure out a way to control this. Possibly keeping players off the pitch for a specified amount of time if they stay on the ground hurt for too long.

  2. Eh, those goals weren’t anything special, like you said easy finish for Kuyt. United’s defense is just dreadful without Rio and Vidic. Anyways, it was a good win for yall. Maybe yall can make a run for 5th.

    • LOL, 5th. Nice. Hoping Arsenal IS the benefactor of this little United collapse. The Gunners sure could use some good luck right now…

  3. jgome

    Given what I’ve seen of United this season the word ” pressure ” is definitely appropriate ! They need to win for a number of reasons because the Glazer family has this club as such still tilting on the verge of financial ruin. How many times have their creditors come asking for them to pay their installments on time with regard to the outstanding debt ?

    Their game against Marseille in the Champions League ought to be really interesting to say the very least .

    UEFA Headline with regard to the match .

    United out to maintain French resistance

    Click on link to read .

    tophatal …………..

    • It would be a major disappointment if United falter at home. Personally, there my fav. team so I would be extremely pissed. I still think United’s too talented not to win, but anything can happen.

  4. jgome

    Did the following piece on the Dolphins’ Ricky Williams . Chime in with a comment .


    This piece on the T’wolves’ Kevin Love


    An added baseball piece


    tophatal ……….

    tophatal …………….

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